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If you feel like you still have additional questions, you can reach us at +972(0)37572713 between 10-18 Israel time. It’s best, however, to schedule a call with us in advance, just drop us an email at info@israeltechallenge.com to do so.

  • How do I know which program is right for me?

    Our program participants are handpicked from around the world through a rigorous selection process. To participate in any of our programs, you must be a proficient English speaker, with a strong motivation to learn and explore the Israeli start-up scene.

    If you're a top-talented graduate of CS and Engineering Studies with a strong background in math and computer science, as well as hands-on programming experience – check out our Fellows program.

    If you're a CS or engineering student (preferably 3rd year or fresh grad) with practical experience in coding, and hands-on experience from at least one prior internship – check out our Intern's program.

    If you have little to no experience in coding, but you are tech-savvy, and motivated to become a full stack web developer; or if you're planning to learn the basics of code to jump start a new career as an entrepreneur or product manager – check out our Boot Camp Program.

    If you're a student or a fresh grad with little to no prior background in coding, who is looking for a short summer program to explore the elements of front-end web development and get a taste of the Start-Up Nation, read about our Summer Break program.

    Still unsure? Read this article or get in touch. 

  • What's a typical day like for a student?

    Israel Tech Challenge offers training tracks, internships, and training and internship tracks. In our training programs such as the Fellows, Boot Camp and Summer Break, a typical day consists of:

    1.       Hands-on lectures with our internal or external lecturers teaching the field of their specialty;

    2.       Group study time and exercises

    3.       Self-study time and working on projects  

    Within the course, some lessons are embedded through site visits to tech companies, meet-ups with CEOs and CTOs, hackathons, and trips around Israel. 

    For an in-depth look into a typical day in our Boot Camp training program, click here.

    To get an example schedule of what a day might look like in the program you're interested in, write to us.

  • How likely is it that I will get an internship?

    Once you successfully pass our screening process and you are accepted to our program, it is a vote of confidence on our end that you are hirable as an intern here and it is ITC's job to find you the placement for an internship. Our Fellows and Interns have worked in companies such as Checkpoint, Intel, General Motors, Genome Compiler, Google, Microsoft, Cybereason, IBM and more.

    If you're a prospective Tech Challenge Intern, upon placing the down payment, our talent manager begins the next steps for the placement process with you and the companies we work with.

    If you're a prospective Fellow, you will start the placement process towards the end of your 5-month training period. Fellows will usually get cyber-related or data science related internships.

    Israel Tech Challenge works towards matching our Interns within their fields of interest and the specific skillset the tech companies are looking for, to ensure a win-win for both the intern and the company.  


  • Does Israel Tech Challenge help students find jobs?

    YES! Every participant who decides to stay in Israel and look for a job will receive help from our Talent manager, who will send their resume to companies we have relationships with and help them apply. Companies who are involved in the training program will already be part of your network, as well as our participants and alumni from the other programs. Participants who are not planning to stay in Israel will be connected to our community of alumni and affiliates in their region. 

  • What kind of jobs do Boot Camp grads get?

    Our Bootcamp grads work in a variety of junior development positions at start-ups and tech companies. Most of them do full-stack or front-end development. You can find them at companies such as RedHat, Cybereason, MsBit, Niji and more.  

  • Who are the teachers?

    In-house lecturers, program directors and team leaders, provide our high-level training; these include IDF ex-hackers, academics, and tech leaders from startups and companies in the Israeli industry. 

  • What is the Mentorship program?

    Our mentorship program at Israel Tech Challenge is an immersive layer to our training programs, providing invaluable tools and guidance to our participants from Israeli industry leaders. Our mentors provide insight and inspiration to our participants while giving them a solid basis of knowledge and networking to enter a career in the Israeli hi-tech industry. Our volunteering mentors are developers, engineers, and industry leaders who are committed to shaping and assisting our next generation of innovators. Throughout the duration of the program, our participants receive one-on-one time with top industry leaders, address cultural and language gaps, share experiences with insiders in the field, and fully immerse themselves in the hi-tech Israeli lifestyle.

    For insight from one of our mentors on the mentorship program and how it can help shape your career, click here.

  • What kind of scholarships are available?

    Scholarships are provided to our participants by Masa Israel Journey, Onward Israel, and local Jewish Federations (that students reach out to independently through their websites). All of our programs are heavily subsidized as Israel Tech Challenge is a not-for-profit company. Read more about scholarships here.

  • Are accommodations provided?

    Accommodations are provided only through the summer Tech Challenge Interns program. Participants are housed with other participants in apartments throughout the Tel Aviv area. Housing is not co-ed and divided into Kosher apartments.

    The Fellows program does not provide accommodations but fellows receive a living stipend and housing stipend to cover their accommodation in the first part of the program, and they can rent or sublet wherever they wish. Fellows receive from ITC a monthly stipend of 3,500 Nis during the training period. During the following 5-months, Fellows receive salaries from their place of work. 

    Students of all programs are recommended to find accommodations within the campus area or within Tel Aviv. Driving into the city daily, while possible, takes its toll.

    A Facebook group is opened for each cohort shortly before the program begins so that participants can share information and explore options of finding housing together, if it suits them.   

  • Is transportation covered?

    Yes, transportation is covered for our Fellows and Bootcamp programs. Students receive a monthly bus pass for within the Tel Aviv area. Interns program participants will receive transportation reimbursement from their employers. 

  • In what language is the Syllabus taught?

    All programs are held in English. Students must be proficient and comfortable learning in English.

    Though an Ulpan (intensive Hebrew classes) is provided or offered for some programs. Ulpan is many times provided in two levels – Beginner and Advanced. Its unique method uses conversational Hebrew to help students get along on a day-to-day basis in Tel Aviv and in their places of work. 

  • Can my internship count for University credit?

    It can. If your university requires that you complete a summer internship you may receive credits as a Tech Challenge Intern. Prospective students in the Interns program should check with their university beforehand. Our program has counted for US and French students in the past as university credit. 

  • When will I get the pre-course work?

    In our training programs, after you have been accepted to the program and placed your down payment, your program director will reach out with pre-course work to complete, several weeks before the program starts. 

  • Does ITC help with issuing Visas?

    Israel Tech Challenge will send you a complete info-pack after your acceptance with elaborate information on the type of visa you need to obtain and how to do it. In case you need any help or have any questions, we are here to help. The process for Interns and Fellows is longer, and there is close guidance on ITC's end, and assistance from The Jewish Agency and relevant officials to approve your visa.  

  • How do I know my vacation days?

    Participants can miss up to 5 days during the program, and if they are in their internship phase this has to be approved by their employer as well as ITC beforehand. Dates for established vacation days are shared with students shortly before the program begins in a google calendar format.

  • Can you put me in touch with alumni?

    Yes. Israel Tech Challenge has over 200+ alumni around the world, who are very helpful and willing to share their experiences and insights. To talk to an alum, just reach out to us once you have started the screening process and finished your online application, and tell us which program you are interested in. We'll send you a list of our alumni to reach out to, relevant to the area you come from and to your fields of interest. 

  • Disclaimer

    The opening of our programs depend on a minimal number of accepted participants, as well as approvals from the relevant committees.


"This program helped me make strong connections with Israeli academics and entrepreneurs that will be very helpful in the future"

Bradley Goldstein, CS student at University of Michigan (July 2014)

"It is important that young Jewish people have the opportunity to connect to Israel and with each other, and providing an opportunity to do so in the context of a shared passion is an amazing way to bring us together. "

Savannah Kunovsky, Software Engineer, HackReactor (December 2013)

"The Tech Challenge trip was incredible. I can't thank you enough! The program was phenomenal"

Josh Grinberg, CS MS student, Stanford (Experience, December 2013 - Interns, July 2014

"There is no program like this one! I had the chance to learn about hi-tech not only from all the startups and big companies, the guides (which by the way are amazing), and also from my colleagues all around the world! I came with zero expectations and I left with new friends, a better knowledge of the IT world and who knows, maybe a future business partner! Thanks for this chance Israel Tech Challenge! "

Gerardo Grinman, CTO at Clickway Software IT (June 2014)

"Going to Israel with a group of tech-minded peers for Israel Tech Challenge meant that I was in a place I love with people I love doing things I love. It was *the best*!"

Dina Betser, Google, Software Engineer (Experience, December 2013)

"You could read and hear about "Israel hi-tech" hundreds thousands of times, but you will never understand it until you experience it by yourself!! Thanks Israel tech challenge for this opportunity. I hope this trip will be available for a long time and for the whole IT Jewish community around the world so they can enjoy this unique experience as well!"

Ariel Szneiberg, Senior Software Developer (Experience, June 2014)

"The mentors, fellow participants, Israeli peers, and activities were all well-beyond expectation: there are very few programs in the world that can gather together this degree of talent and experience."

Eric Pelz, CS student, CALTECH (Experience, December 2013)

"ITC was the perfect combination of a cultural, professional and social immersion into the Israeli hi-tech scene. This program allowed me to grow in many ways by introducing me to top professionals in the industry, as well as a group of inspiring Jewish peers. The relationships I made through ITC will continue to play a role in my future. Thanks ITC for this incredible experience"

Melissa Weintraub, Informatics student at University of Michigan (June 2014)

"This program exceeds all expectations. To meet the high-tech side of Israel; to meet young Jewish people from all around the world, with the same passion and the same love for Israel and technology, to create and be part of a network of entrepreneurs, colleagues and friends. Israel Tech Challenge is an experience full of learning and magic. I recommend to join this program to everyone who can. For me it was a loving, rewarding and enriching experience."

Aída Tamara Lach - System Analyst student at ORT Argentina (June 2014)

"Had a superb time on the Israel Tech Challenge trip, hanging out with a turbo-talented group of nerds from around the world and visiting the best of the Israel high-tech scene. This was a really unique and fun trip."

Miriam Huntley, Harvard University PhD student, December 2014

"I was inspired by the 'Startup Nation' book to join the Tech Challenge Experience program. It was a fun, interesting and educational trip which consisted mainly in visits to hi-tech companies, startups, institutions and other cultural places. I wanted to know the technological part of Israel and it really exceeded my expectations. "

Denisse Bronsoiler, Interactive Designer Student, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico

"In the Israel Tech Challenge I met an incredible group of developers and innovators, and we created a really strong bond while getting to know the Israeli start-up high-tech scene.

Luis Voloch, MIT Graduate Student, December 2014

"This trip is an excellent opportunity to get to know the Israeli tech scene and to make connections with other entrepreneurs from around the world."

David Andrews, Software Engineer, Duolingo, December 2014

"The trip was a blast and the people were incredible. I have no doubt that I'll end up starting a company with, hiring, or being hired by someone I met on ITC!"

Adam Reis, student, Columbia University, December 2014

"The Israel Tech Challenge Experience was an incredible trip! It brought together a group of awesome developers with a range of different skills and provided us with an incredible introduction to the Israel high-tech scene. My connection to Israel has never been stronger."

Gil Chen-Zion, Interface Developer at Thrillist Media Group

"It was an amazing trip that not only taught me about the tech scene in Israel but also introduced me to unforgettable people from all over the world. We will forever be Schwarma Time!"

Aaron Rosenberg Senior Software Engineer, December 2014

"It was an awesome experience being able to see the Israeli tech sector up close and personal and to meet incredible people from around the world with whom we'll be shaping the future."

Tonny Rosenfeld, .Net Developer at Sparco International B.V., The Netherlands

"I learned a lot about Israel and its technology scene, and I had a great time."

Aaron Feldman, CS and Math undergraduate at Caltech

"Honestly I didn't know where I was going or what to expect from the plan.
Today I can say I met amazing people, the tech environment we live in israel is awesome (startups and big companies). I absolutely recommend this experience in Israel. The connections that you establish with fellow, alumni and local businesses you can get it only in ITC

Sebastián Saal, Software Developer at MisionBet, December 2014

"ITC was an amazing trip that answered so many questions for me. It helped me realize what kind of companies I did and didn't want to work for in the future. The trip also put Israel in a new light. I hope to make it back to the start-up nation really soon! "

Lauren Elkin, Software Engineer, Microsoft (Experience, December 2013)

"Israël Tech Challenge est l'occasion rêvée pour ouvrir les yeux sur l'innovation made in Israël. J'en suis revenu avec des idées plein la tête et une créativité unique!"

Nathaniel Braun, Infrastructure Engineer at Criteo, France (Experience, December 2013)

"In 10 days, I did a hackathon, met with more tech people than I can count, meditated and hiked in a desert, had a lovely Shabbat in Jerusalem, visited companies/defense contractors/universities/startups and spent New Year's dancing on a boat. Where else can you do all of that?"

Anna Gommerstadt, Software Engineer, Microsoft (December 2013)

"Israel Tech Challenge gives people with a computer science and engineering background the opportunity to interact one-on-one with founders of top startups and major companies. I really enjoyed being able to visit these companies and network, which is not something everyone can say by going on a traditional Birthright trip"

Liz Miller, Robotics & Software Engineering student (December 2013)

"It was wonderful to understand Israel from a tech perspective and meet like minded young engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating beautiful and meaningful things

Tyson Kunovsky, Software Engineer (June 2014)

"In many ways I learnt more in this short programme than in my entire last year at university! I saw Israel in entirely new light, programmed in two new programming languages and met numerous CEOs of exciting startups. I'd highly recommend this program to anyone that can do it!"

Ben Lewis, CTO at ParTime Student and Aerospace student (June 2014)

" Israel Tech Challenge is a great crash course on the high tech and start-up scene in Israel. We got the red carpet treatment from large companies, incubators, and startups from throughout the country -- something typically only available to wealthy investors. The best part of the trip is meeting and bonding with fellow participants who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences"

Joe Schulman, Software Engineer (June 2014)

"I came in expecting an intensive tech program, but was pleasantly surprised when I spent more time meeting the future leaders of the tech industry rather than staring at my computer. The program not only provided me with the contacts I need to succeed but also the support network to make it happen. I couldn't have imagined how great these 10 days would be, it surpassed everything I thought!"

Ron Glozman, Founder of FreeingMusic and Computer Science Student at the University of Waterloo (June 2014)

"The Israel Tech Challenge program is an amazing program! From team building exercises in the Negev to experiencing the Israel Hi-tech scene around the Israel, there is no program like this. The highlight of the program is meeting like-minded peers from around the world. The staff members are also wonderful, and they all want you to succeed. Thanks again Israel Tech Challenge for the such a wonderful trip, and memories!"

Ben Krawitz, Bioinformatics Student at The University of Michigan (June 2014)

"With Israel Tech Challenge I had the opportunity to meet other Jewish people from all over the world to share a common interest in technology. The friends and connections I made are among the smartest, most talented people I have had the opportunity to meet. There is certainly no other program like it! "

Max Cohen, Computer Engineering student at University of Maryland (June 2014)

"My experience at ITC was phenomenal! It was incredible to have the opportunity to get to know both the technical and non technical sides of Israel with peers from varying cultural backgrounds who I had shared similar interests with. Thanks ITC for an unforgettable time!"

Ruth Reines, Student in Engineering, Canada (June 2014)

"I made great new friends from around the world, and important contacts in the Israeli tech scene. The Israel Tech Challenge is an extraordinary collaborative experience"

Anthony Arnold, CS student at the University of Queensland, Australia (Experience, July 2014)

"ITC was a fantastic and unique opportunity to see what Israel has to offer through the eyes of a Technologist. From stretching my skills as a Developer in the hackathon, to visiting world-leading technology corporations, start-ups and universities, the trip did not fail to impress. All the participants brought a wide gamut of interests and skills together from all over the world. Making great new friends sealed the deal!"

Andrew Davidson, University of Birmingham CS graduate and Software Developer for UBS Investment Bank.

"Travelling to Israel is awesome, and visiting leading tech companies with tech guys from all over the globe is even more amazing! Do not miss the chance to have this unique experience."

Kevin Furman, Software Developer at Despegar.com and Systems Engineering student at UTN Argentina

"Incredible opportunity to visit and learn about start ups as well as well established tech companies (such as Google, Ebay, Paypal) that reside in Israel. Making valuable connections and meeting like-minded techies that are also Jewish from all over the world was amazing experience and making life long friends in the process."

Boris Plotkin, Web developer and network administrator at Ecoline Windows and Graduate from Computer System Technology at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada

"ITC introduced me to the israeli tech ecosystem in a way that otherwise could never be possible. Meeting tech leaders, VCs and investors, successful start-ups, and getting to know leading companies, their employees and their current projects, made it a life changing experience for me. "

Kevin Natanzon, Founder of Zaluki.com and Software Engineering Student at ORT University, Uruguay (July 2014)