Are you looking for the perfect combination of Technology, Israel, and Fun?

Ready to spend a meaningful summer in Israel combining tech internship, trips, and the Startup nation experience?

Think you have what you need to be one of the best software programmers in the world? This challenge is for you.


"It is important that young Jewish people have the opportunity to connect to Israel and with each other, and providing an opportunity to do so in the context of a shared passion is an amazing way to bring us together. "

Savannah Kunovsky, Software Engineer, HackReactor

"The Tech Challenge trip was incredible. I can't thank you enough! The program was phenomenal"

Josh Grinberg, CS MS student, Stanford

"Going to Israel with a group of tech-minded peers for Israel Tech Challenge meant that I was in a place I love with people I love doing things I love. It was *the best*!"

Dina Betser, Google, Software Engineer

"The mentors, fellow participants, Israeli peers, and activities were all well-beyond expectation: there are very few programs in the world that can gather together this degree of talent and experience."

Eric Pelz, CS student, CALTECH

"ITC was an amazing trip that answered so many questions for me. It helped me realize what kind of companies I did and didn't want to work for in the future. The trip also put Israel in a new light. I hope to make it back to the start-up nation really soon! "

Lauren Elkin, CS student

"Israël Tech Challenge est l'occasion rêvée pour ouvrir les yeux sur l'innovation made in Israël. J'en suis revenu avec des idées plein la tête et une créativité unique!"

Nathaniel Braun, Infrastructure Engineer at Criteo, France

"Israel Tech Challenge is a once in a lifetime opportunity for young Jews from around the world to experience Israel's technology culture like they never have before"

Dave Ginzberg, Software Engineer, JP Morgan

"In 10 days, I did a hackathon, met with more tech people than I can count, meditated and hiked in a desert, had a lovely Shabbat in Jerusalem, visited companies/defense contractors/universities/startups and spent New Year's dancing on a boat. Where else can you do all of that?"

Anna Gommerstadt, Software Engineer, Microsoft

"Israel Tech Challenge gives people with a computer science and engineering background the opportunity to interact one-on-one with founders of top startups and major companies. I really enjoyed being able to visit these companies and network, which is not something everyone can say by going on a traditional Birthright trip"

Liz Miller, Robotics & Software Engineering student